Serena Williams says she’s interested in owning a WNBA team

With women’s basketball on the rise as the 2024 WNBA Draft arrives, one of the most dominant athletes in all of sports said she is interested in becoming an owner of a professional women’s basketball team.

In an interview with CNN on Monday, 23-time grand slam tennis champion Serena Williams said she is interested in becoming a WNBA owner. Because of the excitement and interest surrounding women’s sports, Williams said ‘it’s an overly safe bet’ for her to invest.

“I absolutely would be (interested). With the right market, I would definitely be super-interested in that,” she said.

The tennis icon is no stranger to being part of sports ownership as she was one of the prime investors in Angel City FC in the NWSL when it was founded in 2020, and she’s part-owner of the Los Angeles Golf Club team in the Tomorrow Golf League (TGL), led by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Williams also acknowledged the spotlight women’s basketball is getting and how it’s brought attention to other women’s sports, something she said should have already been happening.

‘Women’s sport is having a moment that it should have always had,’ Williams told CNN. ‘I feel like tennis has had its moment and it’s international, and it’s huge and it’s always going to be there. Now it’s time to lift up other sports; women’s soccer, women’s basketball, there’s so many other sports that women do so great, let’s put it on that platform that tennis is on.’

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